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Grassroots Fundraising


SRLP believes that social justice work remains community-driven, accountable, and sustainable when it’s supported by our communities. Your contributions to SRLP directly fund our programs, operations, growth, and movement building by and for low-income trans and gender nonconforming communities and trans and gender nonconforming communities of color.

Please consider making a recurring gift to sustain SRLP in the long haul. To donate to SRLP, click here!


SRLP puts on at least two big fundraising events every year (like Small Works for Big Change) and community members (like you!) make them happen. We love hosting smaller events, too, to raise money, bring our community together, and celebrate and support SRLP!

Are you interested in throwing a house party, dance party, cocktail party, bingo party, or another fun and fabulous event to raise money for SRLP’s ongoing work?

SRLP’s Fundraising and Finance Team (FFT) can work with you to plan the event, set fundraising goals, do media outreach for the event, and make the party happen. FFT will also work with you to ensure that your event meets the four following points of agreement.

Points of Agreement for SRLP Events

As an organization led by and for trans and gender non-conforming people of color and low-income trans and gender non-conforming people, SRLP works to ensure that all of our events (from meetings to fundraisers) are accessible and affirming to our community members by meeting four points of agreement.

All of our events:

  1. Center trans and gender non-conforming low-income people and people of color, and are welcoming and affirming.
  2. Are free or have a sliding scale with a minimum of $0. No one is turned away for lack of funds.
  3. Are in venues where people will not expect to face suspicion or harassment.
  4. Are in venues with gender neutral and disability-accessible bathrooms and accommodations for people with disabilities.

For inquiries on putting together an SRLP fundraising event, email us.

Other ways to support SRLP…

  • Throw an independent benefit or house party targeting your networks or communities and donate the money raised. SRLP can provide organizational materials, provide support for the donation process, and send a staff or core collective member to attend your event and/or speak about our work. (Independent benefits are not official SRLP events.)
  • Donate a percent of your CD, book, art work, performance, etc. sales to SRLP and tell folks about it on your website.
  • Join a host committee for one of our fundraising events.
  • Other ideas? Tell us what you think!

For inquiries on other ways to support SRLP, email us: 

Read more about grassroots fundraising in Dean Spade’s article “Getting It Right From the Start: Building a Grassroots Fundraising Program” in the Grassroots Fundraising Journal and Theo Copley Yang’s article “Making a Grassroots Fundraising Strategy Come Alive.”