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How does solitary confinement affect prisoners? Read Dee Dee’s letter and call to action

Dee Dee’s sixty-to-life prison sentence has taken an agonizing toll on her well-being, and subjected her to violence both emotional and physical at the hands of the prison industrial complex. As a jailhouse lawyer, she struggles to engage in effective work due to the limitations of her solitary confinement, which not only prevents her from […]

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New prison mail: Being trans is a journey, but not a choice!

Making the leap to affirm our genders can be challenging for anyone in this predominantly heteronormative and cissexist society. Incarcerated trans woman Jakaelynn tells us why doing so behind bars is especially trying, and likens the experience of transition to Alice’s fabled journey down the rabbit hole.   Warning: The following letter mentions topics like […]

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Learn about the gay gang that supports its members behind bars

  How does someone survive in a “male” prison when their mannerisms and identity differ from the hyper-masculine norm? One incarcerated member of SRLP gives us the scoop on a supportive “gang” that keeps watch over the safety of its members, who each identify outside of their prison’s macho majority.   Warning: The following letter […]

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Shakespeare as a controversial force of good behind bars

While serving a life sentence, trans woman of color (and first-time blogger) Dana “Gee” Gibson is always looking for ways to stay positive, and recently took up playwriting as an outlet for creativity and activism after a controversial prison-production of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” sparked her interest in the craft.   “Shakespeare Under Lock and Key,” by […]

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Read some empowering, trans poetry sent to us from prison!

Through the powerful medium of poetry, incarcerated transgender woman Jakaelynn shares feelings that many trans people can relate to, and also offers more universal advice about breaking a vicious cycle of unhealthy relationships. Jakaelynn is a member of SRLP’s Prison Advisory Committee (PAC), which joins trans, intersex, gender non-conforming people and allies who are currently […]

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