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Author Archive | Dean Spade, SRLP Collective Member

SRLP Supports the #cancelpinkwashing Campaign

Why is SRLP supporting the #cancelpinkwashing campaign happening around Creating Change this year? For 15 years, SRLP has been focused on building trans resistance rooted in racial and economic justice. That mission is particularly important because of the long history and contemporary reality of poor people, indigenous people, Black people, immigrants and people of color […]

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From The Bottom Up: Strategies and Practices for Membership‐Based Organizations

Researchers: Sarah Rodriguez, Ezra Berkley Nepon, Elana Redfield, Dean Spade, Colby Lenz Writers: Ezra Berkley Nepon, Elana Redfield, Dean Spade Editors: Ezra Berkley Nepon, Elana Redfield, Dean Spade, Alex West Organizational Collaborators: California Coalition of Women Prisoners and Justice Now Design: Calvin Burnap Microsoft Word 2010 with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project Download the From […]

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Should George W. Bush be in prison?

During the last week, I have been hearing reflections in the media and at community events about the Iraq war as we mark its 10th anniversary.  For ten years, we have been witnessing devastation from US military intervention that has included enormous death and destruction, blatant and outrageous war profiteering and torture, and we have […]

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Gun Control, Surveillance and Trans Resistance

In the wake of incidents like the Virginia Tech and Newtown shootings, we often hear calls for increased surveillance and involuntary treatment of people with mental illness, and general calls to further lock down our school and other public institutions.  This is not surprising–for decades we have been told that locking more people up and building more walls […]

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