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Author Archive | Lydia X. Z. Brown, SRLP Intern

Graphic of person in wheelchair looking frustrated up a set of stairs, in purple filter. Text says, Sign on to this letter to tell all attorneys: -Businesses are not above the law. -Compliance with federal disability rights laws is not optional. -Ableism is still just ableism even when lawyers do it. Read & Sign the letter: Share with others using #AbleismEsq. Image from Disability Solidarity @dissolidarity

Tell the American Bar Association to End Its Attack on Disabled People

    In the past month, the American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation announced a “roundtable” on the Americans with Disabilities Act that would focus on so-called “drive-by ADA lawsuits.” The American Bar Association is one of the largest membership organizations for lawyers in the United States and claims to be committed to “defending liberty, […]

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