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Talking Points in Support of Proposed NYC Transgender Birth Certificate Regulations

Why should New York City’s current birth certificate gender change policy be changed? NYC needs a new birth certificate gender change policy because the current policy, requiring every person to prove they’ve had “convertive surgery,” (interpreted to mean phalloplasty or vaginoplasty), is based on myths and misunderstandings about trans health care. Trans healthcare is individualized: […]

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FAQ for New Transgender Birth Certificate Regulations Proposed in New York City

What does the current policy say? Right now, transgender people born in New York City can never get birth certificates that reflect our new gender. If we provide proof of having had vaginoplasty or phalloplasty (types of genital surgery), we can get a birth certificate that shows no gender at all. What’s wrong with the […]

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Follow-up Letter About Legal Issues (Birth Certificate Policy)

Follow-up letter sent after meeting with the Bureau of Vital Statistics (February 2003) to discuss the need to change NYC’s birth certificate gender change policy. February 25, 2003 Dr. Steven Schwartz, PhD. The City of New York Dept. of Health 125 Worth Street Room 144 New York, NY 10013-4090 Dear Dr. Schwartz: I am writing […]

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Birth Certificate Sex Designation: An Overview of the Issues

A summary of the issues discussed at the meeting with the Office of Vital Statistics in February, 2003. Birth Certificate Sex Designation: An Overview of the Issues New York City’s current policy regarding changing sex designation on birth certificates resulted from the recommendations of a 1965 committee appointed by the New York City Board of […]

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