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New Museum Guided Tour of “Resources for Resistance”

by Kimberly Mckenzie

Left to right: Nadav Gazit, Stefanie Rivera, Kimberly Mckenzie; PAC outreach members, Rihanna and VeeVee

In collaboration with Chris Vargas exploration of the memorialization of the 1969 Stonewall riots, SRLP collaborated with the New Museum over the summer to showcase the ways our communities are historically impacted by criminalization and systemic oppression. Resources for Resistance provides an active workspace and library at the New Museum to center the historical activism and fight against the criminalization of LGBTQ communities including low-income communities of color.  SRLP’s publication materials such as ” In Solidarity” newsletter, Tips for Deal with Cops and our General Brochures, were available at the exhibit, while also centering card writing by creating an intentional space to write postcards to send our PAC members on the inside.

Recently, SRLP Staff, members and collective had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the exhibit showcasing the historical activism and continued movements for trans liberation at the New Museum.

PAC postcards created at the exhibit will be distributed through upcoming mailings to our PAC members (you may find some inside this mailing!). Resources for Resistance will be showcased at The New Museum until Feb 2019.



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