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The Stroll Is Now Streaming on Max

This is the definitive history of New York City’s Meatpacking District, told by the transgender women of color who created its history. The now corporate, flush façade of the neighborhood was plastered over the world of transgender s.e.x. workers who lived, worked, loved, and died there. “The Stroll” was where trans women of color, shunned out of the workforce, turned to for a means of survival. Their perspective and insights constitute a rigorous archive of how heavy policing, violence both threatened and realized, and mass gentrification combined to create Manhattan’s built environment today. Women of #TheStroll past and present are brought together by co-director Kristen Lovell (@kplgrams for whom this is a stunning directorial debut), who worked alongside them for a decade. Together with @ZackaryDrucker and @MattPWolf, they created the perfect trifecta to bring the stories and the history of The Stroll to light. The directors’ proximity to the story and its tellers brings to the screen a camaraderie and care presented with crystalline clarity and undeniable force. Their ability to illuminate such challenging history is tempered by their kind directorial hands and shared joy in remembering this hallowed ground. • Premiered  on Wed, Jun 21 and is now streaming on @HBO & @StreamOnMax • @HumanByOrientation #TheStrollHBO ❤️🏳️‍⚧️

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