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“A Women’s Prison in Chelsea Will Be Transformed”: An SRLP Member Speaks on the Construction of the Women’s Building

SRLP Member Marcie speaks to the Village Voice on her powerful journey to return to the former Bayview Correctional Facility, where she was previously incarcerated, and assist in the project to transform the space into a safe, welcoming community center for all women. Read more about this here.

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SRLP Speaks to Village Voice on How New Board of Corrections Rules Fail to Protect TGNCI People in NYC Jails

Member Xena Grandichelli and Prisoner Justice Project Director Mik Kinkead speak to the Village Voice about the prevalence of sexual violence against incarcerated trans people, the closure of the Tran Housing Unit, and how the NYC Board of Corrections is failing to protect incarcerated TGNCI individuals. Read more about this here.

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