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About Legal Services

SRLP provides direct representation for low-income transgender people and transgender people of color in three main areas. We have three projects and, if your issue falls under one of our projects, we may be able to help you. If we can’t represent you, we can provide referrals and information on a wide range of issues affecting transgender and gender-nonconforming people.

To reach our Director of Client Services call 212-337-8550, ext. 303.

Survival & Self Determination Project

The Survival & Self-Determination Project is aimed at helping low-income trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGNCI) people and TGNCI people of color access critical services and benefits needed for gender self-determination. Addressing needs specific to TGNCI communities, such as gender-affirming identification and access to sex-segregated programs or benefits, the S&S Project aims to help TGNCI people obtain these benefits and improve their quality of living, while also fundamentally changing the institutions that provide them.

We provide the following services:

  • Assistance obtaining name changes in New York City
  • Assistance receiving and updating IDs that affirm the correct gender or list no gender, such as the NYC Muni ID card, Social Security Card, GED, Passport, birth certificate, and non-driver ID card
  • Assistance receiving a FBI criminal rap sheet or criminal dispositions in New York
  • Robust referrals to the appropriate governmental agency to investigate anti-trans bias
  • Assistance in DHS-run shelter discrimination
  • Assistance obtaining government benefits and private support programs that welcome trans people
  • Help receiving billing exception codes in healthcare programs to access gender-affirming surgeries and procedures
  • Help appealing healthcare denials related to transgender healthcare
  • Client accompaniments so TGNCI people do not have to go to discriminatory agencies or offices alone
  • Technical assistance to legal service providers, law firms, and for-profit attorneys to be more trans-affirming and competent
  • Technical assistance for governmental agencies, hospitals, and other institutions to promote gender-affirming polices and have adequate systems in place for review and compliance
  • Referrals for issues SRLP does not take on, such as employment discrimination or torts

More about our Survival & Self Determination Project

Immigrant Justice Project

The Immigrant Justice Project at SRLP works with low-income people and people of color who are TGNCI and either seeking legally recognized immigration status or are adjusting to a different immigration status.

We provide the following services:

  • Representation of TGNCI immigrants in applications for immigration status
  • Adjustment of immigration status
  • Assistance with obtaining gender-affirming immigration documents, including Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), green cards, and naturalization certificates
  • Holistic support of TGNCI immigrants in public benefits, healthcare, Social Security, including via coordination with other service providers
  • Screening and Assistance with Various Immigration Benefits, including Asylum, U Visas, T Visas, VAWA, DACA, TPS, SIJS, and Family-Based Petitions

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Prisoner Justice Project

The Prisoner Justice Project provides assistance in civil matters to people held in New York City jails and in New York State Prisons. We are unable to provide direct legal services with criminal cases or appeals of criminal cases although we are happy to work with your attorney to ensure trans-competent representation. We are unable to provide direct legal assistance to people held outside of New York. We are able to provide the following services:

  • Name changes to incarcerated individuals
  • Assistance with changing names on government documents while incarcerated
  • Assistance obtaining hormones
  • Assistance obtaining gender appropriate undergarments
  • Assistance preparing for parole appearances
  • Advocacy and support around sexual violence and violations of the Prison Rape Elimination Act
  • Advocacy and support around transfers and requests for alternate housing
  • Advocacy and support around conditions of solitary
  • Advocacy and support around mental health care needs and assessments
  • Obtaining correct sentence calculations
  • Review and appeal of disciplinary solitary confinement (Tier IIIs)
  • Other civil matters concerning conditions of confinement

The Prisoner Justice Project has partnered with other organizations to provide litigation services in the past, however, due to our size and the number of individuals we serve we are generally unable to engage in litigation.

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