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Immigrant Justice Project

The Immigrant Justice Project at SRLP works with low-income people and people of color who are transgender, gender nonconforming, and/or intersex (TGNCI) and either seeking legally recognized immigration status or are adjusting to a different immigration status. Immigrant justice has been identified as a key priority area in our work over the years because TGNCI immigrants often face legal obstacles when taking different paths to obtaining status, are especially vulnerable to the dual policing of the criminal justice and immigration enforcement systems, and are often not eligible for legal services elsewhere when their cases are “too messy” due to the criminalization, violence, and systemic discrimination that TGNCI people experience. The Immigrant Justice Project aims to work holistically with its clients, assisting immigrants with advocacy in the areas of public benefits, healthcare, Social Security, and other needs and resources. The Project works in coalition on policy strategies impacting TGNCI immigrants, including countering xenophobic laws that criminalize TGNCI immigrants and fighting for increased public benefits eligibility for immigrants.

Outcomes of the work include:

  • Representation of TGNCI immigrants in affirmative applications for immigration status
  • Adjustment of immigration status of TGNCI immigrants in their paths towards U.S. citizenship, minimizing their vulnerability as under-documented immigrants
  • TGNCI immigrants with legal status obtaining gender-affirming immigration documents, including Employment Authorization Documents (EADs), green cards, and naturalization certificates
  • Legal support provided for other immigration needs as presented by the individuals who come in looking for TGNCI-friendly immigration services
  • Holistic support of TGNCI immigrants in public benefits, healthcare, Social Security, including via coordination with other service providers working with the same individual
  • Increased capacity for leadership and SRLP membership by TGNCI immigrants
  • Development in competency and intersectional analysis of other advocates and practitioners working with TGNCI immigrants
  • Partnerships with allied organizations to fight against policies denying life-saving public benefits to TGNCI immigrants

For legal help, click here to learn about our Drop-In Hours and how to contact us for an intake.

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