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SRLP’s Anaylsis of Trans Criminalization Mentioned on WBAI’s On the Count

On the Count is a radio show on WBAI produced by formerly incarcerated people and focuses on politics, activism, and analyses of the criminal justice system. This episode gave a shout-out to SRLP, including reading parts of SRLP’s analysis of trans criminalization. SRLP’s Movement Building Team member Xena Grandichelli is among those interviewed during this episode. This […]

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nbcnews article

SRLP Comments on Agender Ruling in Oregon

  A handful of organizations serving transgender, gender-nonconforming and intersex people told NBC News that no U.S. court has ever granted a legally genderless status before. SRLP’s Director of Self-Determination, Kyle Rapiñan, comments on the ruling. “This is the first time that Sylvia Rivera Law Project has heard about this, and we applaud the court […]

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SRLP’s Sei Young Pyo Speaks to Complex Magazine on the Limits of DACA for TGNCI Immigrants

SRLP’s Director of Immigrant Justice Project, Sei Young Pyo, explains how the benefits of DACA is beyond the reach of many TGNCI immigrants. “DACA is not at all a program that helps what I would say are the most vulnerable of the very vulnerable population of undocumented youth,” explained Sei Young Pyo, who provides legal […]

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Know Your Rights in this Winter Weather

New York City has issued a blizzard warning for tonight and tomorrow. Please take the time now to access SRLP’s pamphlet on knowing your rights in extreme weather. With an estimated snowfall of 12-20 inches and temps below 30 degrees, it’s important that you, your friends, and other community members know how to safely access […]

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cnn bc article

SRLP Speaks to CNN on the Large Number of Trans People Who Have Updated Their Birth Certificates Since the Rule Change in 2015

SRLP’s Prisoner Justice Project Director Mik Kinkead and Client Services Director Stefanie Rivera are quoted in CNN’s piece on the hundreds of trans people who have been able to obtain affirming birth certificates in New York since 2015. Since our founding in 2002, SRLP had worked to remove the rule that required trans people to […]

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think progress twoc violence article

SRLP Mourns for the Lives Lost in a Recent Wave of Anti-Trans Violence, Calls for More Support for Trans People of Color

Sylvia Rivera Law Project member Kimberly and Membership Director Sasha Alexander speak to Think Progress about the latest wave of anti-trans violence and how it disproportionately affect trans women of color. They also talk about the response of the larger LGBT movement to these tragedies and what supports trans communities of color need at this […]

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Kimberly Speaks

Building Movement Power at the #LawStrikesBack Rally

Last week on the 17th of February, I, as a member of the Movement Building Team of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, along with members of legal agencies, activists, and social service communities, gathered to resist President Donald Trump and his racist policies at the #F17 Law Strikes Back rally in Foley Square. Along with […]

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