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Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere

We at SRLP are saddened, outraged and disappointed with recent protocols of rescinding and rollbacks to removing gender identification on trans and queer folks documentation across states.

This is a prime example of transphobia and how threatened state officials are by gender identity recognition. Gender Identity recognition is not only critical in protecting and self determining trans and queer people’s identity and self self autonomy, but without it does immense harm in enforcing discriminatory and harassment tactics from police, institutions and systems that oppress vulnerable trans and queer communities everywhere.

Legal protections to trans people highlight and expose the persistent harm state sanctioned violence and abuse that is present in this oppressive system. A system that works to erase and refuses to historically acknowledge the existence of trans and queer people. Furthermore rescinding protocols that acknowledge gender identity removes accountability to protection laws and practices to trans and queer people, with hopes of creating a domino effect state by state. Efforts to erase and discredit the decades of advocacy work our community has done, while undermining the refusal of implementation to practices of keeping our communities safe.

We at SRLP are reminded of our core values and principles that trans and queer people deserve the right to self determine their gender identity and expression, without facing harassment, violence and discrimination. We stand in solidarity across states to our communities that are currently impacted by the news of these rescinding protocols and want to reaffirm the representation of our communities long standing history, power and work to affirm our identities and our existence.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Dr. Martin Luther King

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