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SRLP has a membership model, which supports more involvement from community members. General membership is  open to everyone. However, SRLP prioritizes the leadership of trans and gender non conforming people who are low income and/or people of color within the membership.

What do members do?

  • Attend general membership meetings to give feedback about SRLP work, learn about upcoming events and ways to become involved.
  • Members who have the time and interest can join SRLP’s teams to carry out the work of SRLP.
  • Members who are low-income trans, gender non conforming and intersex people or trans, gender non conforming, intersex people of color are strongly encouraged to get involved in the Movement Building Team!
  • Members who don’t have time for a regular commitment or don’t feel like any of the teams call to them can participate in “one-shot” volunteering or event opportunities like helping with an event, a mailing, participating in Hot Stuff or Coffee Talk, etc

 How do I become a member?

One way to become a member is by attending membership orientation, filling out the membership application and signing the membership book.  Orientations will happen four times are year at SRLP, with one orientation geared towards primary Spanish speakers.  If you can’t attend an orientation contact membership director Sasha Alexander to set up a time to get oriented, and in the meantime fill out the application and you’ll be on your way!

What do I get from being a member?

 You get a process to increase your ownership & leadership in the Sylvia Rivera Law Project! By becoming a member you help shape and direct SRLP’s future by sharing your vision and voice.  You also get a fancy button of our namesake Sylvia Rivera designed by Jennifer Patterson as well as more contact with SRLP staff.  There will also be two membership appreciations each year where SRLP staff will be on hand to appreciate your hard work and listen to your feedback!

Can I still get legal services if I am not a member?

Yes. If you are low income and/or a person of color and are trans, gender non conforming or intersex you can access free legal services at SRLP, even if you are not a member.

Do I have to pay something to become a member?

 No! While we don’t have dues we are excited to share new ways to create exchanges and reciprocity if you are interested in giving back to SRLP with dollars!

For more information contact Sasha at or 212-337-8550 ex 306

Upcoming Membership Events:

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