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Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2016


Dear Beloved Community,

This year, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project celebrates 15 years of trans resistance and the fight for gender liberation and racial and economic justice! Our 2016 Annual Report is a testament that we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for. In this Annual Report, you will learn more about our mission, goals, and all of the legal, public education, and organizing work we zealously put our hearts and spirits into.

Throughout 2016, our country faced widespread anti-trans, anti-immigrant, anti-person of color, anti-Muslim, anti-femme, and anti-poverty rhetoric. For the most marginalized amongst us, this is nothing new. The system was designed to keep us out of it. So many in our community continue to face basic barriers to survival – state sanctioned violence, poverty, policing and incarceration, homelessness, unemployment, and systemic discrimination.

For 15 years, SRLP has dedicated itself to fighting for prisoner justice, immigrant justice, and the right of our communities to self-determine and survive. As an organization led and directed by trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex people, the work overviewed in this Annual Report reflects the legacy of the resistance and resilience of our communities.

We remain grounded in the firm belief that no one is disposable. Regardless of the temperature of our political environment and the forces we are up against, we must remember that our demands are politically viable. Those who are suffering under systems of imperialism, criminalization, and poverty are the majority, and we believe that we will win the battle for a more just world.


In Solidarity,

Juana Paola Peralta
Director of Outreach and Community Engagement