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“embrace” by Laimah Osman

embrace2-1 laimah

Laimah Osman


Spring 2013

Medium: Xerox transfer

Dimensions: 11″ x 11″

Minimum Bid: $20

Value: $100

Laimah Osman is a Brooklyn-based artist and educator.

She was born in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Her artwork is devoted to themes of love and war.  She is inspired by classic Central-Asian arts and literature.  She recently printed Ishqnama/The Book of Love in partnership with The Persian Poetry Project.  Ishqnama/The Book of Love is an artists’ book that holds poems written by women in early-Islamic period in Central Asia.  She was awarded a Brooklyn Arts Council Grant 2012 to produce Ishqnama/The Book of Love.  And she was a Keyholder Resident at the Lower East Side Printshop in 2011.  For more information visit :::

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