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Build and Learn with SRLP at the Philly Trans Health Conference 2014!

Madness Mapping with Gabriel Arkles, SRLP Collective Member, and Ofelia del Corazón

Thursday, June 12,  4:05-5:25, Room 107A

This workshop is primarily by and for members of trans* and queer communities who consider themselves mad, psychiatric survivors, mental health consumers, people with psychiatric disabilities, or people who experience extreme states. In it, we will share ways that we use our own knowledge and resilience to navigate crisis, focusing on tools like madness maps, mental health first aid kits, and crisis checklists. These tools rely on our own insights and resources to help us keep track of where we are, care for ourselves, and ask for help from others.  These sorts of survival strategies can be particularly important for us because of the transphobia, ableism, and other harms in mental health systems. We’ll share some examples of tools, talk about them, and try some writing and drawing exercises to help people get started who want to make their own madness maps.  While the workshop is open to all, we ask that no mental health provider participate in their role as provider. Instead, they may observe quietly or speak from their own experience of madness.

Writing the Letter with Gabriel Arkles and Owen Daniel-McCarter 

Saturday, June 14, 2:20-3:40, Room 106A

This workshop will help health care providers better understand the policies surrounding gender change on identity documents and government records. Support in the form of a letter or other documentation from a doctor, psychologist, or other health care professional is often necessary for trans people to change their gender marker on ID and lead their lives with less risk of discrimination, harassment, and violence. In this workshop, we will clarify the current state of applicable laws and policies. With interactive exercises, we will look at specific language and build skills at drafting effective and accurate letters.

Transgender Injustice: Police Encounters and Incarceration, A Know Your Rights Workshop with Alisha Williams, SRLP’s Prisoner Justice Project Director, and Chase Strangio, ACLU Staff Attorney and SRLP’s former Prisoner Justice Project Director! 

Saturday, June 14, 4:05-5:25, Room 103C

Although TGNCI individuals are not accurately reflected in statistical information, we know that they are disproportionately represented in prisons and jails. It is important for TGNCI people to understand their rights when interacting with the police. Furthermore, it is imperative that the stories of incarcerated TGNCI people are shared and organizing is performed to support them. The voices of the people who experience state violence and oppression the most must be centralized within all of our dialogue. This workshop will (1) Describe the pipeline to prison. Share stories of people who are incarcerated (explaining events that lead to incarceration and experiences in prison). (2) Talk about cases involving transgender individuals in the criminal legal system and ways to support incarcerated trans people. (3) Provide a KYR training to answer common questions: What are your rights when stopped by the police? What if police ask for identification? What if you are arrested and you are not a U.S. citizen? What if you are placed in jail and/or immigration detention?

And don’t forget to attend the Leeway Foundation’s 2014 Trans Literary Salon!!!

In conjunction with the 2014 Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, Leeway presents our Second Trans Literary Salon highlighting the work of emerging literary artists from a diversity of genres including poetry, fiction, memoir, and spoken word. The salon will feature readings from Annie Mok (ACG ’13), Dark Matter, Imogen Binnie, J Mase III (ACG ’07), and KOKUMỌ. Audience members are invited to bring work to share. Hosted by J Mase III. Thursday, June 12 from 7:30pm – 9:00pm at the PA Convention Center (at the corner of 12th and Arch Streets) Room 103A. Location is wheelchair accessible.

SRLP is excited to co-sponsor this event, and we hope to see you there!!

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