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Celebrate SRLP’s Everyday Abolition series Movement Building Team Organizers Aviva and Olympia!

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project is excited to uplift and celebrate the leadership of our Movement Building Team organizers Aviva and Olympia who are both helping develop and launch our new “Every Day Abolition” series.

Last night was the first event of the series“Practices of Every Day Abolition” which was a huge success! Thanks to the facilitation of Olympia and Aviva we were able to hold a powerful space to unpack what we know about abolition, what we want to know more about abolition, and what this can look like in our daily lives. From writing folks on the inside to sharing metro swipes, uplifting the leadership of SRLPs Prison Advisory Committee to urban farming and food justice;  the ways we are working for everyday abolition are many and beautiful.

Stay tuned as we share the complete list of “abolitionist resources” that folks came up with last night and for our next event March 10th 6-8pm “Art-Making for Abolition.”



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