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SRLP Heading To Critical Resistance 10 Conference!

SRLP Collective and community members will be heading to the Critical Resistance 10 Conference in Oakland, CA from Sept 26th-28th.

Following the Transforming Justice Conference
in October 2007, SRLP and many other organizations have been working
together to build trans and queer visibility in the prison abolition
movement. As a direct result of that organizing and movement building,
CR10 is deeply reflective of struggles for gender self-determination.
Here’s a list of some of the trans-specific programming planned for

  • Trans Awareness and the Prison Abolition Movement
  • Gender Justice 101 for Abolitionists
  • Prisons as a Tool of Reproductive Oppression: Cross-Movemement Struggles for Gender Justice
  • Making Our Own Path: Strategy & Vision from Transforming Justice

Check out the full schedule for more info!

We need your help to pay for travel expenses! Donate Now!


Come to the Oct 7th Report Back Event! Save the date!

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