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SRLP Wish List

As a non-profit, there are a lot of things that SRLP would love to have access to that we simply don’t have the budget for. There are also many things that we have in our budget that could be donated by supporters. Below is our wish list of things that SRLP would love as in-kind donations!


Item Description
Desktop Computer We need a computer with over 2.66 GHz processing speed and capable of running Windows 10. Several of our computers are very slow and we could use a replacement. Peripherals not necessary.

High-speed Double-sided Scanner and Printer

Our main printer is on a lease, and overages are expensive and often inevitable due to bundles of legal documents we must to scan and print. We need a wireless printer that could print double-sided scans and prints, and must be able to print at least 50 pages per minute.


We always have a need for stamps!