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Groundbreaking Report Co-Authored by SRLP Collective Member Dean Spade and Streetwise and Safe Coordinator Andrea Richie

Check out this groundbreaking report, A Roadmap for Change: Federal Policy Recommendations for Addressing the Criminalization of LGBT People and People with HIV, co-authored by Catherine Hanssens, Aisha-Moodie Millis, Andrea Ritchie, Dean Spade and Urvashi Vaid, with input from more than 50 legal, advocacy and grassroots organizations working on LGBT and criminal justice policy. This report is one of the first to offer comprehensive federal policy recommendations to address cycles of criminalization and discriminatory treatment faced by LGBT people and PLWH. It provides an extensive outline of policy measures that federal agencies can adopt to address discriminatory and abusive policing practices, improve conditions for LGBT prisoners and immigrants in detention, decriminalize HIV, and prevent LGBT youth and adults from coming in contact with the system in the first place.

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“Legal equality has not translated into lived equality for LGBT people, especially poor people and people of color,” says Dean Spade, co-author, SRLP founder and collective member, and visiting professor with the Engaging Tradition Project at Columbia Law School’s Center for Gender & Sexuality Law. “There is still little justice for LGBT people like CeCe McDonald and countless others who are driven into the criminal legal system by pervasive poverty and systemic discrimination in the distribution of life chances.”

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