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We need you. The criminalization and violence against low-income/trans/communities of color like the murders of Eric Garner, Akai Gurley, Mike Brown, and Gizzy Fowler are felt by our communities on the inside. The brutality of state and police harassment is directly connected to the prison industrial complex and its expansion. Please READ and SIGN Jails Action Coalition’s (JAC) new petition against the Board of Corrections’ creation of new “Enhanced Supervision Housing Units”: In their petition, JAC states clearly that ‘incarcerated people can’t breathe,’ linking the powerful organizing and community conversation happening around the impact of policing and criminalization on low-income/communities of color to the importance of ending solitary confinement and stopping of the building of a new “jail within a jail.”

In our work for gender self-determination and racial and economic justice, we also ask for your support of SRLP’s End Solitary campaign, to end the use of involuntary segregation, particularly the default segregation of transgender and gender nonconforming people for their own “protection. ” And, to allow people in voluntary protective custody and involuntary segregation to access programming and jobs; among demands. Please READ and SHARE SRLP’s End Solitary petition: We need your support to keep going! And thank you to the 1,000 people who have already signed.

Tomorrow 12/16, SRLP is hosting “Holidays are Hard: Card and Letter Writing to Incarcerated Community Members” to write to our Prison Advisory Committee members who are currently incarcerated.  For more information and to register, visit:

In solidarity and to End Solitary, we hope to see you there!

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