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Meet Kelly Herrmann, SRLP Intern!

Learn some fun facts about one of our summer interns and check back soon to meet the others! To apply for an SRLP internship visit:

Kelly Herrmann, SRLP Intern

Name, Pronouns, Position and Team at SRLP
Kelly Herrmann, they/them/theirs, SRLP Prisoner Justice Project Legal Intern

What do you do to relax / have fun?
Talk/decompress with friends (perhaps over a quality cocktail or a skunky IPA), go out dancing, walk around the city, practice yoga, check out of life with a Netflix binge, pet my cat, cook/clean while listening to talk radio, read, go to shows.

What is your favorite meal to cook? / What is one food you would want in limitless quantities?
I want all the food in limitless quantities. Except Thanksgiving stuffing or BBQ pizza. Ew.

Favorite animals?
Giant beetles, cats, large short hair dogs (pit bulls!), lizards, poison dart frogs, and unicorns (blame the 80′s).

If you have pets, do they do anything funny?
My 8 year old cat plays fetch and hates pretty much anyone who isn’t me. He also enjoys meowing at the ceiling and is an excellent mouser.

Favorite place to visit / spot in NYC?
My bed? I don’t know. I moved here right before law school so getting to know NYC has been very slow. I like the Biodiversity room at the Natural History Museum.

Quirky facts about you?
I used to get super sick when I drank more than half a cup of coffee. Then I went to law school.

What are your interests? How does that relate to your team at SRLP?
I’m interested in spaces where the State and/or societal systems intersect with marginalized peoples, particularly as affects trans* and queer people, sex workers, prisoners, poor and working classes, people of color, radical organizers, and/or immigrants. My work at SRLP just started so I don’t even know what I don’t know yet; but learning about the many oppressions faced by and few remedies available to trans* people in prison fits directly in my interests and furthers my conviction to work with others to dismantle the prison system.

What made you most excited about coming to SRLP?
Working for an organization who’s points of unity are so spot on with my personal world view and politics is a rare chance I’m very grateful for; plus, you know, meeting all the amazing people who work in and visit SRLP.

Is there an issue or current event in which you are particularly engaged / interested?
So, total dissolution of all systems of oppression? Lately, I have become more focused on the related concepts of prison abolition work, trans* and queer identity, and anti-genderism.

What does one aspect of your utopia look like?
My friend is a teacher at an elementary school. One of the kids said to them, “So, you’re half boy and half girl. And the boy part of you likes to wear skirts and the girl part of you likes to climb trees.”
But also, no prisons, no borders, no presidents, yes dance parties, yes gardens, yes consent.

What is a way(s) that you enjoy challenging gender stereotypes?
I wouldn’t say I enjoy challenging gender stereotypes. It’s more like something I have to do because I enjoy being myself, and my disinterest in/ lack of a consistent, congruent binary gender presentation or identity by itself seems to challenge a lot of people. I get frustrated often. I wish the rest of the world would catch up already.


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