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Meet The SRLP Summer Interns!


Name, Position at SRLP: Carolina Rivas, Summer Intern—Immigration Justice

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Career/Future Career Aspirations: I want to empower queer and trans people of color through legal advocacy, helping them help themselves through framing their narratives and securing immigration relief.

Where you’re Studying/Where you studied and what you studied: I am a rising 2L at Columbia Law School, focusing on LGBT and Immigrant Rights and Human Rights. I completed my bachelor’s degree in political science at Columbia as well.

Favorite Hobby: I like jogging and taking long walks (as a typical native New Yorker with no drivers license).

Do you have a pet? What is a funny thing they do? No, but I am thinking about getting a puppy!

What does one aspect of your utopia look like? Love.

In what way(s) do you enjoy challenging gender stereotypes? I pursue what I want, despite gender norms/stereotypes.


Name, Position at SRLP: Anya Morgan, legal intern

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Career/Future Career Aspirations: I want to continue doing trans-specific direct legal services, and eventually I’d like to make my way back to the West Coast.

Where you’re Studying/Where you studied and what you studied: I’m a rising 3L at UT Law in Austin, Texas. Before that, I did my undergrad at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, where I majored in English and French. My senior thesis was called “The Dreaming Dead: Revelations in Apocalypse” and was about the evolution of the U.S. American zombie.

Favorite Hobby: I like to play choose your own adventure games!

Do you have a pet? What is a funny thing they do? I don’t currently have a pet, but I aspire to be a lesbian cat mom one day.

What does one aspect of your utopia look like? In my utopia, those space-age microwaves from Spy Kids will exist IRL.

In what way(s) do you enjoy challenging gender stereotypes? I used to have a mohawk, but it got too tall for me to ride in a car so I got rid of it. Now I challenge the stereotype that women have to be pretty all the time by not shaving, rarely wearing makeup, and wearing exclusively comfortable clothes!

Photo on 5-13-16 at 12.16 PM #2

Name, Position at SRLP: Emma May, Grassroots Fundraising Intern

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Career/Future Career Aspirations: I would like to attend journalism school, as well as continue writing about music, art and social justice issues. As for my future career, my goal is to to work in media, participate in various forms of activism and nonprofit management.

Where you’re Studying/Where you studied and what you studied: I’m a rising junior studying Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Sociology at Barnard College.

Favorite Hobby: I have been collecting an underground Japanese fashion magazine called FRUiTS for 5 years.

Do you have a pet? What is a funny thing they do? I wish I had a pet! I would love a pomeranian or a shiba inu.

What does one aspect of your utopia look like? Everyone would treat each other with love, respect and kindness.

In what way(s) do you enjoy challenging gender stereotypes? Being fearlessly femme.


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