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Mother’s Day

Art by PAC member Rabi Cepeda

What follows is an essay by SRLP PAC member Dana Gibson, aka Gee, reflecting on the memory of her mother. As we marked Mother’s Day and get ready to mark Father’s Day, it is so important we remember all those behind bars who cannot or do not have close family connections due to incarceration, transphobia, and borders. – SRLP

Mother’s Day to most is a day to show appreciation to the one woman in our lives that sacrificed her all to give life to them. But to me Mother’s Day is bitter sweet, as it’s a reflection on the mother I lost too soon.

Mom, you gave a lot for my life and received in return nothing but my teenage complaints and youthful rebellion. It seem like just yesterday when as a single mother you were teaching me how to walk and talk, while many babies for words were “Mama” my first words were “love water.” Mom, growing up you always reminded me that all life has to offer is tests that can either build me to be strong or resentful and fearful of chance and change. I can still remember you teaching me the value of working, cooking and being independent while being true to myself. I still remember your words “be the best person you can be” those words keep me striving today. Mom, you were the only person who understood me and stood by me when I did not understand myself and felt alone.

Mom, I miss you so much that I cry everytime I think of the days I cause you to worry and be upset at me you did not deserve the pains I caused you and I ask that you please forgive me. Please rest in please, I love you always mommy.


By: Dana Gibson



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