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Now Filming at SRLP: Alisha Williams and Laverne Cox in “FREE CeCe: A Documentary”

After an incredible talk with CeCe McDonald, Reina Gossett, and Dean Spade last night, SRLP’s Alisha Williams and Laverne Cox are doing an interview for “FREE CeCe: A Documentary.” Alisha and Laverne will discuss the dangerous and violent realities that trans people, particularly trans women of color, face in prison. Alisha and Laverne will also talk about the ways our communities creatively resist and transform systems of confinement by changing policies, sharing information and strategies, and building community so that we can survive and thrive.  

alisha and laverne - free cece doc

MORE ABOUT THE FILM: CeCe McDonald, a trans African American woman, survived a violent, racist and transphobic attack and served time in a men’s prison in Minnesota. Actress Laverne Cox is portraying an incarcerated trans woman in “Orange is the New Black.” Through their powerful voices, and investigative filmmaking, the feature length documentary film FREE CeCe confronts the issue of trans-misogyny and the epidemic of violence surrounding trans women of color. Visit to learn more!

Alisha Williams is the Director of SRLP’s Prisoner Justice Project. To learn more about what Alisha does and how to support SRLP’s work and our incarcerated community members, visit

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