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NY Times Calls Out Gov. Cuomo for Taking Too Long to End Transphobia

Yesterday, the NY Times Editorial Board called out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and other lawmakers for taking too long to pass GENDA, the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act, which would ensure basic protections for transgender New Yorkers. GENDA would also open the door to and support SRLP’s crucial work to end Medicaid’s exclusion of transgender healthcare. States like Connecticut and California have pointed to their own nondiscrimination laws as reason to end the bar on such coverage under their Medicaid programs. We need NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to step up and make this change so we can ensure safe and affordable healthcare for all trans New Yorkers!

If you support our work to end Medicaid exclusions, come join our mailing party tomorrow night and help us get our annual report stuffed, stamped, and sent!

The mailing party will be from 5-9 PM at the SRLP offices, with snacks and Metrocards provided. More info here:

Read the full NY Times article here:

SRLP demands trans healthcare now!

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