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Cristy C Road – Protect Trans Lives

Cristy C Road - Protect Trans Lives

Cristy C. Road is a Cuban-American illustrator, writer and musician who’s been supplying creative work for punk rock, publishing, & social justice movements since she was a teenager in Miami, circa 1997. Road published a zine, Greenzine for ten years, and has since released 3 novels, which tackle queerness, mental health, cultural identity, and punk. Her most recent work, “Spit and Passion”, is a graphic coming-out memoir (about staying in the closet). She’s currently working on the NEXT WORLD Tarot Cardmdeck, and her punk rock band,The Homewreckers. Road hibernates in Brooklyn with her cat
Miss Chippy.

Title: Protect Trans Lives – in Memoriam of the 21 documented murders of US Trans Women in 2015

Year: 2015

Medium: Ink, marker

Dimensions (sq inches): 24 x 20

Minimum Bid: $10

Approximate Value: $30

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