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Elise Gardella – Pretty Flowers

Elise Gardella - Pretty Flowers

Influenced by music, feminism and the spiritual underpinings of her childhood, Elise Gardella creates visual stories in dialogue with her frequent questions and pervasive hopes. Everything is greatly infused by her life as a mother, grandmother, and a SAVI volunteer advocate with survivors of partner violence and sexual assault. She works across mediums motivated by a curiosity or idea. Since 2012 has instigated “Presenting at 17” at her apartment <>. The 2015 show 39×17, La Mama Galleria, NYC celebrated these artists. Often collaborating — two projects as Friends of William Blake are in Agitprop! Brooklyn Museum of Art (12/2015 – 8/2016). Bard MFA.


Title: Pretty Flowers from the Series/Show “Gray Shapeless Monster”

Year: 2013

Medium: Phorograph shot on 35mm film – archival digital print

Dimensions (sq inches): 16 x 13.5

Minimum Bid: $75

Approximate Value: $500


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