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Katherine Alexandria – Harley 1, Harley 2, Harley 3

Harley 1 Harley 3 Harley 2

Katherine Alexandria is a Chicago based artist and activist. She is creates large scale abstract paintings, small scale portraits in collaboration with her subjects, informational seed bombs, and therapeutic art pieces in her Edgewater studio in the Artist in Residence Building.  She is passionate about the creating of Information Art, and the experience of work.

Title: Harley 1, Harley 2, Harley 3

Year: 2016

Medium: Ink and watercolor wash

Dimensions (sq inches): Harley 1- 9.5″x10.25″ , Harley 2- 8.25″x12.75″, Harley 3-  9.5″ x 17.25″

Minimum Bid: $50/each piece

Approximate Value: $50/each piece

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