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Leilah Babirye – White Man with Hat

Leilah Babirye - White Man with Hat

Babirye Leilah is an artist and activist currently seeking asylum in the Unites States from the atmosphere of LGBT discrimination upheld by the 2009 Anti-Homosexuality Bill in her native Uganda. One of eleven children, Babirye’s father disowned her when she came out. Babirye studied art at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda from 2007 to 2010, and in 2015 she participated in the Fire Island Artist Residency. Following completion of her residency, Babirye remained in New York. Her asylum petition is supported by The African Services Committee. Babirye’s multidisciplinary work has been included in numerous international exhibitions including the 2014 Kampala Art Biennale; the KLA ART 14: Kampala Contemporary Art Festival; the 2016 Dak’Art Biennale; and an ongoing exhibition, THINGS FALL APART, at the Trapholt Museum in Denmark. Combining her work as an artist and activist, she has hosted and participated in many workshops including with Visual AIDS and Women Across Borders.

Title: White Man with Hat

Year: 2016

Medium: Cermanic

Dimensions (sq inches): 11 x 8 x ¾ in

Minimum Bid: $50

Approximate Value: $350

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