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Peter Cramer – One Way Empire

Peter Cramer - One Way Empire

Peter Kramer: Interdisciplinary artist & activist living on the Lower East Side since 1981. His films, installations and performances has been featured in alternative spaces, museums and cultureal centers internationally. Notable achievements include with partner Jack Waters, the co-creation of Allied Productions Inc non profit arts umbrella in 1981, serving as directors of ABC No Rio alternative art collective from 1983-1990 and co-founder Le Petit Versailles (1996) community garden based in New York City.

One Way Empire is a series based on themes that I’ve been exploring since 1984. The film One Way Empire (2009) recombines images from my past 1986 film Corrective Measures: Pollitically Speaking with footage of the 2001 World Trade Center bombing as a regurgitation of terror. The economic polarization of people as capitalist cycles rise and fall by their own self-destruction and the response of activists to resist the return of fascist states.

Title: One Way Empire

Year: 2007

Medium: Ink Dye Print o paper, Edition of 25 2007 (#8 of 25.)

Dimensions (sq inches): 8.5 x 10 approx.

Minimum Bid: $75

Approximate Value: $200

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