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SRLP Welcomes Olivia Jones, Our Newest Movement Building Intern!

Olivia Jones

Olivia is a queer Afro-Latina and the 2013 MBT summer intern at SRLP.  Currently a senior at Mount Holyoke College, studying politics and sociology, she is fortunate enough to be leading MHC’s prison abolition cultural organization, Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI), this year also.  Before her arrival at SRLP, Olivia graduated from Naugatuck Valley Community College in her hometown of Waterbury, CT, where she studied Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement… in terms of institutional aspirations, her desire to be a part of such a field no longer exists.  Thanks to SAMI, and the short amount of time that Olivia has been at SRLP, she has become so much more knowledgable about the consistent history of especially insitutionalized oppression and marginalization of LGBTQ-GNCI-POC bodies; if she could go back in time, she would definitely have studied something that would have taught her how a body like hers could navigate through systems that were designed to subjugate it.  This summer with all of the wonderful folks at SRLP, Olivia looks forward to mending and bending the ideals that currently exist to help targeted identities function in infinite merciless social constructs.  When Olivia has free time, she loves to read, “discover” old movies, and play tennis.  She is inspired everyday to continue becoming an enlightened, good human being by her godsend of a partner, Sean (“Cookie”), her treasure of a sister, Kimaya, and everyone she meets who is truthfully committed to justice.


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