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SRLP’s Reina Gossett talks trans people in the media with Laverne Cox, Kye Allums and Tiq Milan

Reina Gossett, SRLP’s membership director, Laverne Cox and Kye Allums spoke on a panel about trans people in the media moderated by Tiq Milan. Growing Visibility: Transgender People in the Media was held on September 25, 2013, in New York City.

Tiq Milan, Laverne Cox, Reina Gossett, and Kye Allums

Tiq Milan, Laverne Cox, Reina Gossett, and Kye Allums


“Historical erasure of trans people, specifically trans people of color, trans people with disabilities, with HIV and AIDS, who are in prison, who are homeless, who are immigrants, so many of our legacies have been erased, and that’s part of the transphobia that I think all of us have to navigate every day,” said Reina Gossett. “So visibility means that we have a lineage that we can inherit…So often when the media portrays trans people, that visibility doesn’t come with the kind of ownership that we need, and that we deserve. So I think visibility is important, but also how our narratives are put into the media.”

Many trans organizers from around the country taking part in the New Organizing Institute’s Public Narrative Training for Transgender Organizers attended the panel.

Read a recap of the panel and see more photos.

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