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Mia Edwards

Director of Finance and Operations

Mia Edwards is a seasoned C-Suite executive possessing over 15 plus years of senior level experience heading Accounting, Operations and Human Resources in the luxury goods arena.

Having honed her skillset in small, medium and large scale enterprises, she has gained a unique perspective in managing people and processes, delivering key financial data, sharing her business acumen with key stakeholders and other business partners, developing and maintaining systems and controls to safeguard organization assets, identifying, developing, and mentoring staff in support of organizational goals and mission and fostering a work environment where staff, clients and community members feel welcomed, supported, respected and heard.

Additionally, she brings to Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) her experience working as a Case Manager at a LGBTQ+ CBO based in White Plains NY, working directly with TGNCNB clients in need of support and resources as they navigate their transition. There, she helped build a program from the ground up putting in systems and workflows that facilitated the process of connecting community members to services necessary for their individual growth, while meeting funder’s requirements and benchmarks.

Mia earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from York College (magna cum laude) and her MBA from King Graduate School of Business (cum laude)

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