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Mitch Hymowitz

Director of Development

Mitch Hymowitz is a queer, disabled, anti- racist, anti-Zionist Jewish, transgender man who is a people-first professional, born and raised in New York. Mitch received his Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Studies with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies from SUNY Oneonta, completed one year of a Master’s of Arts in Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University, completed the Summer Institute on Sexuality at the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality in San Francisco, and is currently a Master’s in Public Administration candidate at Baruch College’s Marxe School of Public and International Affairs. He has been a queer and transgender competency trainer since 2010 and founded the PRISM Conference in 2013 to provide queer and trans students across the 65 SUNY colleges and universities the opportunity to connect, feel supported, seen, heard, and respected. Mitch has worked in the nonprofit sector since 2015 supporting youth in foster care, youth who have been incarcerated, mental health for youth, queer and trans folx, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and the rare disease community. Throughout those years, they wrote a queer and transgender competency curriculum for the state of California’s mental health system, facilitated a multiracial steering committee for a professional learning community entitled, ‘Understanding White Privilege and Engaging in New Directions’, and trained numerous organizations and school systems on transgender and queer competency. Currently, Mitch is the Director of Development for the Sylvia Rivera Law Project focused on partnerships, grants, sponsorships, and donor stewardship to ensure the work and legacy of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project perseveres and continues to grow. Mitch enjoys learning astrology, trivia nights, drag shows, painting, and relaxing at home with his spouse, two cats, and dog.

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    Mia Edwards

    Director of Finance and Operations

    Mia Edwards is a seasoned C-Suite executive possessing over 15 plus years of senior level experience heading Accounting, Operations and Human Resources in the luxury goods arena.

    Having honed her skillset in small, medium and large scale enterprises, she has gained a unique perspective in managing people and processes, delivering key financial data, sharing her business acumen with key stakeholders and other business partners, developing and maintaining systems and controls to safeguard organization assets, identifying, developing, and mentoring staff in support of organizational goals and mission and fostering a work environment where staff, clients and community members feel welcomed, supported, respected and heard.

    Additionally, she brings to Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) her experience working as a Case Manager at a LGBTQ+ CBO based in White Plains NY, working directly with TGNCNB clients in need of support and resources as they navigate their transition. There, she helped build a program from the ground up putting in systems and workflows that facilitated the process of connecting community members to services necessary for their individual growth, while meeting funder’s requirements and benchmarks.

    Mia earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from York College (magna cum laude) and her MBA from King Graduate School of Business (cum laude)

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    Julian Castronovo

    Julian (they/them) is a white, queer, transmasculine cat parent. Julian currently works as a housing attorney in Brooklyn where they represent low-income tenants who are facing eviction. They fell in love with SRLP after witnessing the beautiful work of the movement-building team during their time as a legal intern and fellow. Julian is incredibly grateful to be a part of the collective so they can support staff in creating a space where members can dream, scheme and build a world worthy of their existences.

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      Ash Stephens

      Ash Stephens (they/them or he/him) is a Black, Southern, trans-masculine boi whose life’s work is in anti-violence and prison abolition communities. Before moving to Brooklyn, Ash devoted much of their commitments to racial, gender, and social justice in Chicago organizing communities with the Chicago Community Bond Fund and the volunteer-led collective of Love & Protect. Ash is a PhD Candidate in Criminology, Law & Justice with a concentration in Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. They are currently the Manager of Bail Operations at the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, which pays bail for NYers who can’t afford to post bail and fights to end cash bail and pretrial detention.

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        Adelaide Matthew Dicken

        Director of Grassroots Fundraising & Communications

        Adelaide Matthew Dicken is a non-binary Pisces transwoman theatre-maker and resource-mover. She uses the names Adelaide or Matthew interchangeably, and likes it when you mix up she/her or they/them pronouns when referring to them. Adelaide has supported SRLP as a volunteer since 2016, when they were on the host committee for Small Works for Big Change. She organizes in grassroots abolitionist movements committed to mutual aid for incarcerated queer and trans people of color, freeing criminalized survivors, and building support structures towards economic self-determination for people working for trans & disability justice.

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        Hannah Walker

        Director of Survival and Self-Determination Project

        Hannah Walker, Esq. is a staff attorney and Director of the Survival and Self-Determination Project at SRLP. A transplant from rural New Hampshire, she has been actively involved in grassroots organizing, anti-violence movements, and gender liberation for the past six years. Hannah is committed to radical empathy and strives to build supportive coalitions between and across communities of varying life experiences.

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        Kimberly Mckenzie

        Director of Outreach and Community Engagement

        Kimberly Mckenzie is a black trans woman of color organizer and abolitionist with over 10 years of work experience in grassroots organizing for marginalized trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex communities. Currently as the Director of Outreach and Community Engagement at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Kimberly McKenzie is dedicated to empowering the leadership and political voices of marginalized trans communities filling many different leadership roles that focus on growing the self-advocacy skills, political education and sustainability of TGNCI community members of color facing poverty, violence, and discrimination. Kimberly Supports the mission of ending mass incarceration within the intersections of Woman, Race and Gender while building community resources.

        She was also one of the many organizers who spoke on behalf of the JusticeforLayleen campaign to demand justice and accountability’s to the city’s placement of trans woman placed in solitary confinement at Rikers. And she is also a current member of the TGNCNBI taskforce to review the Department of Correction (DOC), ), policies related to TGNCNBI people in custody to ensure that the NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) properly implements SRLP’s feedback and comments on the treatment of TGNC people. Kimberly is committed to creating long-term systemic solutions to end race- and gender based oppression. She believes that those who are directly impacted are experts on their lived-experience and must inform strategies and solutions to address our overall work to decriminalize, decarcerate, and liberate. While we work to change laws and policies we must also address the root causes of our conditions seeking to shift narratives and our relationships to power. As an abolitionist she also believes it is imperative to address the legal, systemic, institutional, interpersonal, internalized, and ideological barriers that the State has imposed to criminalize our communities. Because of her commitment to creating long-term solutions to end race- and gender based oppression, Kimberly is deeply dedicated to SRLP’s strength and sustainability. Dedicated to empowering the leadership and political voices of marginalized trans communities, Kimberly firmly believes that in order for TGNCI communities to contribute to the work of our liberation, they must be free from violence and discrimination. Kimberly continues to support and advocate for TGNCI communities in the broader work for social justice and long-term systemic change.

        Her deepest hope is that we can advocate for our communities and the immediate support needed to our communities facing a multitude of oppression to find ways they can be inspired to overcome the many barriers the state puts on them for solely existing.

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        Lacey Lynch

        Director of Development and Fundraising

        Lacey looks forward to continuing the work our elders of Stonewall jumped started in 1969, knowing that Liberation happens when we show up for each other, hold space, break bread and have uncomfortable conversations in a caring way.

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          Joss Greene

          Joss Greene is an educator and grad student who volunteers with organizations in NYC and the Bay Area.  He is passionate about skill sharing, moving resources to trans people of color leaders doing the work, and learning from our elders.  He’s invested in the longterm fight for a world where all trans people can live safe, full, beautiful lives.

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