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Zahyr K-R Lauren

Director of Survival and Self-Determination Project

Zahyr  Lauren is a proud Black transmasculine gender non-conforming human serving the community as the Director of SRLP’s Survival and Self Determination Project. After some years as an Investigator and Mitigation Specialist at The Southern Center for Human Rights, working with and for incarcerated people, Zahyr earned a JD at Northeastern University Law. In Zahyr’s role, ze will assist hundreds of community members each year in name change proceedings, government identification issues, health care challenges and immigration proceedings. Zahyr is passionate about exposing the kind of systemic violence that makes accessing life sustaining services incredibly difficult for countless people of color who are resource poor, transgender, intersex, or gender non-conforming, and those who live at the intersection of these identities.   Ze is also a firm believer in the idea that the lawyers place in revolution is one of support and service. Zahyr is dedicated to being a part of a movement that amplifies those voices that the law intentionally tries to shut out.

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