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Gabriel Arkles

Gabriel Arkles lives in Boston, where he teaches in the Legal Skills in Social Context program at Northeastern University School of Law. He has been an SRLP collective member since 2004, and worked on SRLP’s staff as an attorney from 2004 to 2010. He is deeply honored to be a part of SRLP’s work, and wants to keep working with people at SRLP and everywhere for trans liberation, prison abolition, racial justice, economic justice, disability justice, and reproductive justice until we win! Gabriel’s articles, which are mostly about gender, race, and the prison industrial complex, have appeared in a number of law reviews and anthologies. Gabriel was on the board of the Lorena Borjas Community Fund, an organization that provides bail and bond support to criminalized LGBT immigrants in New York, and is just starting to get involved with other organizations like Black and Pink and Queer Muslims of Boston. In his free time, Gabriel cuddles his cats, reads science fiction, and plays role-playing games.

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    Alisha Williams

    Alisha  has been a member of SRLP’s core collective since 2009 and served as a Director of the Prisoner Justice Project 2012-2014. As a Director of Prisoner Justice Project, Alisha was able to engage in community organizing for prison abolition while seeking immediate institutional changes to provide access to safer correctional housing for trans community members. Alisha is now a staff member at the Urban Justice Center’s Peter Cicchino Youth Project where she works with homeless or street-involved queer and trans youth. Through her own writing and speaking engagements, she seeks to center the voices of incarcerated trans people. Please check out writings from incarcerated members of SRLP’s Prisoner Advisory Committee at

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    Zahyr K-R Lauren

    Director of Survival and Self-Determination Project

    Zahyr  Lauren is a proud Black transmasculine gender non-conforming human serving the community as the Director of SRLP’s Survival and Self Determination Project. After some years as an Investigator and Mitigation Specialist at The Southern Center for Human Rights, working with and for incarcerated people, Zahyr earned a JD at Northeastern University Law. In Zahyr’s role, ze will assist hundreds of community members each year in name change proceedings, government identification issues, health care challenges and immigration proceedings. Zahyr is passionate about exposing the kind of systemic violence that makes accessing life sustaining services incredibly difficult for countless people of color who are resource poor, transgender, intersex, or gender non-conforming, and those who live at the intersection of these identities.   Ze is also a firm believer in the idea that the lawyers place in revolution is one of support and service. Zahyr is dedicated to being a part of a movement that amplifies those voices that the law intentionally tries to shut out.

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    Rage M. Kidvai

    Paul Rapoport Foundation Equal Justice Works Fellow, Immigrant Justice Project

    Rage M. Kidvai is an attorney and Paul Rapoport Foundation Equal Justice Works Fellow in the Immigrant Justice Project. Rage received their Bachelor’s degree from Hampshire College, and their J.D. from the City University School of Law, with a clinical focus on criminal defense. A former SRLP intern and collective member, Rage is committed to supporting folks experiencing and working hard to challenge state violence and oppression. Their prior work outside of SRLP has included representing survivors of inter-personal violence on their welfare & immigration cases, family defense work for parents facing allegations of neglect due to their poverty, and criminal defense representation at public defender offices. Rage is thrilled to be able to grow with those involved with SRLP, and hopes to provide support to the amazing legal staff in the SRLP Direct Services Team (DST).   

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    Mik Kinkead

    Director of Prisoner Justice Project

    Mik Kinkead (he/him) has been around the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) volunteering, interning, and serving on the Collective since 2008. In 2015, he joined SRLP staff as a staff attorney and the Director of the Prisoner Justice Project. He graduated CUNY Law School in 2013, where he participated in clinics focusing on the rights of youth in adult prisons and benefits access for low-income New Yorkers. Mik has previously worked as a staff attorney at Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York, a case manager at the Ali Forney Center, and a lifeline volunteer for the Trevor Project.

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    Juana Paola Peralta

    JPP is a queer fat hard femme Latin@ who dreams of finding new ways of loving, organizing & building each other up in a world that hurts a lot. Juana has been educating and organizing around issues of gender, sexuality, race, class, and disability for over seven years.

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      Avi Cummings

      Director of Grassroots Fundraising & Communications

      Avi Cummings has worked and organized for many years around racial justice and white anti-racist solidarity, prison abolition, wealth redistribution, and queer and trans liberation. He previously lived in Madison, Wisconsin where he organized with the Groundwork Anti-Racism Collective and the Radical Teachers Collective. Avi loves climbing and dreams about hiking everywhere.

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