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Thousands call on Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Shah to end healthcare discrimination!

Since SRLP launched our healthcare campaign just over a week ago, thousands of people have joined the call to action for safe and affordable healthcare for trans people!  Join us by signing the petition and sharing the call to action at

“Health care for trans folks isn’t special care. Whether prescribing estrogen for women in menopause or scheduling preventative visits with doctors, cis people (those who are not trans) gain access without debate, yet that same basic level of care is denied to trans women, men and people — a group of New Yorkers who are unfairly excluded because they are trans and gender non-conforming. Don’t we all deserve equal access to the care our bodies require?  That’s why I’m asking you to join us to demand Governor Cuomo & Commissioner Shah to repeal the regulation banning healthcare for trans New Yorkers!”

Janet Mock

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