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THU April Writings

The following submissions were written by some of our PAC members while they were inside the Transgender Housing Unit of the NYC jails. SRLP teaches classes in this unit twice a month. Sometimes members ask us to share their writings or drawings from the unit. Below are two submissions from recent classes. – Mik


“Deep in My Heart” by T.W.

Deep in my heart I would love to share my personal feelings, I just don’t think people are ready to listen.

Deep in my heart, I am so Deeply in love with my husband.

Deep in my heart, I appreciate all my close friends and family.

Deep in my heart I pray that all goes well with everyone’s cases.

Deep in my heart, I wish I can rewind my life and start over.

Deep in my heart, I wish I never picked up any kind of drugs.

A message from T.W.: [I want] everyone [to] know that they too can express they feelings and not have a silent voice, but to use they voice to be heard.


“I never knew loving someone could be so hard” by Darius Henry

Write to the prompt, “I never knew…”

Loving someone could be so hard. It could be so much of a struggle. You would want to believe it is supposed to be as beautiful as the day the world was created, but it may not be the case sometimes. Sometimes I feel love can be evil or bad and the reason I say this is because it takes you out of your element at times. You could love so hard that it can make you violent when separation comes into the equation. Is this healthy? I’m undecided. I want to love and I want to be loved, but I’ve seen love hurt and when people hurt, they hurt others. So, is love good for the soul? I don’t know, you analyze it for a second and find your conclusion.

Darius Henry

This image was made during one of SRLP’s classes in the THU and given to us for anonymous posting on our blog.

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