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We believe that storytelling is a revolutionary act…


so, we created this space to share the activities and stories of our Prisoner Advisory Committee (PAC).


Prison officials stop at nothing to separate lovers in PAC

On Monday, Prince generally outlined the unsettling discrimination he faces as a gay male in prison. In this letter, he shares some specific incidents involving the mistreatment of himself and a lover by not only inmates, but also prison officials. “A Story… About Me Inside Prisons,” by Prince. Me and my lover – her name […]

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Prison is unsafe for LGBT people – Testimony from a PAC Member

Prince, who identifies as a gay male, introduces himself and reminds us that incarcerated people who do not conform to traditional ideas about gender and sexuality face a particularly high risk of violence and discrimination.             “Prince’s Introduction,” by Prince. I’m writing to place my PAC Blog dealing with being gay […]

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Who you’ll meet in prison, according to a PAC member

What is it really like inside of a male prison? Synthia breaks down the types of people she has observed while incarcerated, and shares her harrowing experiences as a trans woman who continuously finds the strength to survive in a such a deeply hostile environment.   “Our Letter,” by Synthia. It’s difficult to imagine the […]

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CeCe is FREE! And a new letter from inside

CeCe McDonald’s release this week is great news; one less trans woman who is forced to survive within the toxic confines of a hostile prison-industrial complex is reason enough to celebrate. Add to that both the media attention drawn to her early release by way of SRLP-supporter Laverne Cox’s celebrity accompaniment, and the documentary Cox […]

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Jakaelynn’s “Reverse Gestation,” and a poem

Heartfelt and passionate, these letters from Jakaelynn demonstrate her enormous capacity to remain a strong, transitioning trans woman while locked up (with a little help from her friends, and SRLP). “Reverse Gestation and the pains of a transgendered bitch!” by Jakaelynn Rae Shakely, Aka: “Pheanoix”. For twenty-five years I’ve lived what I now call “reverse […]

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“Prison, A World of its Own” – MyAsia recounts her experiences

When you’re a trans woman incarcerated in a men’s facility, just being left alone can seem nearly impossible. MyAsia aka “Lady Doll” tells us how things work inside, and that positive moments can still occur. “Prison, A World of its Own,” by MyAsia Kim’Bella London. If it’s one thing I hate, it’s PRISON! I’m MyAsia […]

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Correctional Officers Live by their Own Rules, Says One PAC Member

What happens when C.O.’s don’t want to do their jobs? PAC Member S. Davidson chronicled the incident that contributed to his proposal of an internal, “entity of oversight” which monitors the behaviors of guards and officials. “A Blatant Malfeasance,” by S. Davidson. On January 10th, 2013, at or around 12:45 pm, while at Five Points […]

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Out of the Hell-Hole, into the Calming Storm – Letter from a former PAC Member

“Out of the Hell-Hole into the Calming Storm,” by Grace DeTrevarah. Hey Family: It’s me again. Grace…I would like to first say that’s it’s so refreshing to be Out of Corrections and into the “World” where being a Transgender was the focus of my movement.  It continues to be so fitting to be out of […]

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