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We believe that storytelling is a revolutionary act…


so, we created this space to share the activities and stories of our Prisoner Advisory Committee (PAC).


Shakespeare as a controversial force of good behind bars

While serving a life sentence, trans woman of color (and first-time blogger) Dana “Gee” Gibson is always looking for ways to stay positive, and recently took up playwriting as an outlet for creativity and activism after a controversial prison-production of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” sparked her interest in the craft.   “Shakespeare Under Lock and Key,” by […]

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Read some empowering, trans poetry sent to us from prison!

Through the powerful medium of poetry, incarcerated transgender woman Jakaelynn shares feelings that many trans people can relate to, and also offers more universal advice about breaking a vicious cycle of unhealthy relationships. Jakaelynn is a member of SRLP’s Prison Advisory Committee (PAC), which joins trans, intersex, gender non-conforming people and allies who are currently […]

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A max-security prison in NY lives up to its (bad) reputation, says PAC

  Legends of “corruption, sex, [and] blatant theft” that surround NYC’s maximum security prison, Attica Correctional Facility, are confirmed by PAC Member Robert Cepeda during a temporary stay at the facility. This chilling account exposes the truth behind the rumors about ever-present conditions, which – in 1971 – may have led to the prison’s notorious […]

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Failures of the criminal punishment system from a prisoner’s perspective

  An incarcerated, transgender member of our Prisoner Advisory Committee thoroughly explains how the criminal punishment system – and other such institutions – fail to provide a fair and healthy environment for people to live in. << Previous entry   |   Return to blog   |   Next entry >>   Warning: The following letter mentions topics such […]

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Prison is unsafe for LGBT people – Testimony from a PAC Member

Prince, who identifies as a gay male, introduces himself and reminds us that incarcerated people who do not conform to traditional ideas about gender and sexuality face a particularly high risk of violence and discrimination.             “Prince’s Introduction,” by Prince. I’m writing to place my PAC Blog dealing with being gay […]

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