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Read some empowering, trans poetry sent to us from prison!

Through the powerful medium of poetry, incarcerated transgender woman Jakaelynn shares feelings that many trans people can relate to, and also offers more universal advice about breaking a vicious cycle of unhealthy relationships. Jakaelynn is a member of SRLP’s Prison Advisory Committee (PAC), which joins trans, intersex, gender non-conforming people and allies who are currently incarcerated with members of our collective to develop plans of work.

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“Body and Soul,”
(c) 10/17/2013 by Jakaelynn Rae Shakely.

Where can one turn, when you don’t fit your skin?
A disconnection between body and soul…
Now you must portray society’s role.

To hell with that, to hell with strife!
We only get but this one life.

Born with a part that’s not meant to be,
We only wish to be set free…

So come and meet the reality of me,
The one you can not immediately see.


(c) 11/13/2013 by Jakaelynn Rae Shakely.

When will he/she learn,
that the patterns never change…
a false hope is proffered – trust is exchanged,
but come thee finale,
it’s always more of the same.

His/Her heart is in shatters,
For he/she opened up again…but the only thing that happened…
was a heart being slain!

Won’t she/he see that the fractures can never be repaired,
Only a new window can make the view clear.
It’s nothing to be given, bought or exchanged—
only she/he can completely make a brand new frame.


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