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What’s Up with Trans Healthcare?

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project is re-launching our Trans Health Campaign to address the many problems, concerns, and issues that trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGNCI) New Yorkers have had to face. Our goal is continue to mobilize, educate, and support our communities in putting pressure on the very folks who are impacting our healthcare and to make sure that the experiences of our folks are listened to and lead to lasting impact and change. We want to improve the access folks have to gender-affirming healthcare and address issues with the quality of care. Here are three main issues our campaign is addressing:

  • Access to Care: Focusing on removing barriers for the trans-specific healthcare we need
  • Quality of Care: Focusing on ensuring we receive quality, respectful, and competent services when we try to access healthcare
  • Larger Issues of Self-Determination: Trying to secure self-determination our around healthcare choices and fighting the medicalization of transition, such as the standards of care

Artwork by Roan Boucher

Our continued campaign works to address problems with the New York State Department of Health, Medicaid and private insurance, and healthcare providers over experiences such as misgendering and misnaming, denials from insurance, lack of support for pre- and post-care, confusion over our rights and the New York State Medicaid regulation, inconsistent access to and treatment from healthcare providers, lack of cultural competency and training, subpar healthcare services and procedures, barriers to accessing care-related services, and our basic dignity and worth being disrespected by people in the medical field.

Ways to Get Involved:

SRLP provides free legal services and referrals for TGNCI people who experience harassment and discrimination. Please contact our legal intake line at 212-337-8550, ext. 308 if you have questions.

If you are a low-income TGNCI person in NYC and interested in getting more involved in organizing around healthcare rights, please contact Sasha Alexander, SRLP Director of Membership at or 212-337-8550, ext. 306.