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SRLP Goes To Creating Change!

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project will be attending Creating Change in Atlanta this year. Come say hi at any of these workshops!

Thursday through Saturday

Transgender Hospitality Suite with Outreach Director Gabriel Foster
Come learn about SRLP’s local and national work! Gfos will be at the frequently at the Transgender Hospitality Suite and throughout the conference please say hi!

Thursday, January 24th Day Long Institute 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Advancing Trans Rights
with Staff Attorney Pooja Gehi
Strategies and Tactics for Success
Come join movement leaders with a wide range of experiences
to help guide your efforts to secure transgender
rights wherever you are. Trainers will provide overviews of
how to build a strong and diverse team of trans people
and allies, how to plan a campaign to get more rights,
how to deal with conflict and interpersonal challenges,
and how to avoid many of the pitfalls we have fallen into
ourselves! Excitingly, we will learn about what attendees
are working on already, or want to work on in the future,
and many of these ideas will be “workshopped” in small
teams – where the team helps develop or enhance the
plan/strategies/tactics that you are using or plan to use
to make your effort a complete success!

Thursday January 24th 4:40 to 5:40

Re/Blogging for Social Change: Blogging, Tumblr and Activism

with Membership Director Reina Gossett

Friday, January 25th Workshop Session 4 4:45-6:15 PM

The Trans Agenda with Staff Attorney Pooja Gehi
The FAST Version – With Wheels!
Transgender Community & Issues • All Audiences
Join an assortment of trans movement leaders who will
zoom through the transgender agenda and provide you
with the information you need about what toolkits, resources,
and policies exist out there that you can use, so
you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! W e will cover health
care, sex-segregated facilities, non-discrimination, campus,
K-12 safe schools, transition policies, employment
campaigns, and more!

Saturday January 26th Workshop Session 6 10:45-12:15 PM

Cutting Edge Issues in Trans Rights:

ID documents, Jails and Prisons,
and Police Mistreatment with Staff Attorney Pooja Gehi
Transgender Community & Issues • All Audiences
Work with police, as well as in jails and prisons, has been
spurred by implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination
Act. There is much that can now be done on the local
and state level. Driver’s licenses and especially birth certificate
policies are hot topics – and there is tremendous
potential for positive changes to get rid of surgical and
other onerous requirements. Folks who are working on
these policies in their states and jurisdictions, as well as
the national level, will share their experiences, challenges,
and the keys to their success!

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