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SRLP Launches TRANSFORM, a New Holistic Leadership Development Program

SRLP is proud to announce the launch of our new holistic leadership development fellowship, TRANSFORM! TRANSFORM is a bi-annual two-month transformative justice program, building skills and relationships necessary for trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGNCI) people to thrive. TRANSFORM is centered on deepening individual, interpersonal, and team training skills such as: communication, leadership, facilitation, and decision-making power, which has been integral to the success of SRLP’s collective structure and mission.


TRANSFORM members Selena, Stephanie, Gisselyano, Kimberly and Chanel.


Why TRANSFORM? Though there is a shifting interest to serve TGNCI communities, TGNCI people are still not employed, housed, or provided adequate healthcare in NYC; we are discriminated against, inflicted with violence, criminalized, and pushed into survival economies. TRANSFORM is an investment from SRLP to our core communities to honor the intersections of economic justice, health, and leadership development and build the skills of our members. SRLP’s core members have continued to name the lack of supportive programs that include economic incentives in NYC for TGNCI communities, especially TGNCI adults, young people, immigrants, and people of color; if they do include incentives, folks’ status, benefits, or lives are not also factored into these programs.

TRANSFORM’s inaugural Fellows are made up of SRLP core members who are deeply committed to their own transformation, and seeing health, housing, employment, and educational services transformed as well.  Last week, leading up to the launch of TRANSFORM, one of our Fellows, Stephanie Phillips, said it was her dream to be a community organizer and that “the more knowledge you have, the more valuable you are.” SRLP is continuing our investment in TGNCI communities and centering the value of economic, racial, and gender justice.

TRANSFORM is already shaping up to be a vital program investing in the possibilities of TGNCI youth and communities, grounded in SRLP’s powerful mission to uplift the leadership of low-income TGNCI people, while addressing structural issues of inequality to ensure that all people are able to self determine their gender identity and expression, free of violence and harassment.

Donate today to support TRANSFORM! You can become a monthly sustainer to support SRLP in our growth, give once, or learn more about our legacy giving program.

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