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Stop Harsh New Restrictions on People in NYC Jails and Their Families!

The NYC Department of Corrections seeks to change rules to limit visitation and packages in NYC jails, which would negatively impact the conditions of those who are incarcerated and their friends and families. SRLP and many of our organizational friends and allies such as the Jails Action Coalition placed pressure on DOC’s governing body (the Board of Correction) to not vote on […]

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Sasha and PAC Member Xena at rally

SRLP Members and Staff Oppose Visitation Changes in NYC Jails

  The Sylvia Rivera Law Project was proud to join the Jail Action Coalition and its partner organizations for a rally and press conference on the steps of City Hall on Tuesday September 9. SRLP staff and members went out in 90 degree weather to protest the tightening of visitation and package restrictions on Riker’s and […]

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Statement on Rentboy Raid: Criminalization is Economic, Racial, and Gender-based Violence.

  The Sylvia Rivera Law Project stands in solidarity with our sister organizations and allies against the criminalization of immigrants, LGB, trans, gender non-conforming and intersex people (TGNCI), low-income people, differently-abled folks, sex workers, currently and formerly incarcerated people, and people of color. From the recent federal raid on Rentboy to practices like arresting folks […]

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paroleboard training

SRLP’s Prisoner Justice Project Assists in Keeping #EyesOnRikers

The Prisoner Justice Project (PJP) at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) has a long history of providing legal and supportive services to our transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex communities in state prison, and we have recently been able to focus even more of our efforts on our communities held in New York City jails. […]

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New York City’s Trans Youth to be Impacted by Two Major Changes in Agency Policies

In June and July, New York State and City announced two important changes to laws and regulations governing the rights of transgender youth. The first, a guideline from the New York State Education Department, affects the treatment of transgender youth in school. The second, a guideline from the City of New York Administration for Children’s […]

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SRLP attendees and panelists

Reporting from #Law4BlackLives

  On Friday, July 31, 2015 SRLP core collective members, attorneys and interns (past and present) attended #Law4BlackLives, a national gathering of lawyers, legal advocates, and law students dedicated to building a world where #BlackLivesMatter. The conference involved various panels and workshops ranging from police reform, defending the civil rights of #BlackLivesMatter protestors, and legal […]

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Sophia Gurule showing up for courtroom support

“In the Interest of Justice”: The Importance of Courtroom Support

  Armani Teighlor, a beloved and well-known trans-rights community activist in NYC, was recently badly injured in a brutal attack. Shortly thereafter, Armani was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury against her attackers. However, due to post-plea open warrants for classic “walking-while-trans” charges, this subpoena put Armani in danger of being taken into custody. […]

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