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SRLP’s Alisha Williams on HuffPost Live: Trauma-Informed Care and Safety-Based Responses for Transgender People in Prison

Alisha Williams on Huffington Post Live discusses the current situation for Jane Doe, a transgender teenage girl of color, who was recently transferred from a treatment facility back to solitary confinement at a boys’ prison facility. She urges people to join community organizing efforts to ensure Jane Doe receives gender-affirming and trauma-informed care.

Alisha also discusses the work we can do to protect and reduce the harms faced by trans people in prison on our way toward prison abolition: “There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for the incarceration of trans people and how they will be safest. So we need to connect with people on the inside to make sure their voices are heard so they can express their safety-based concerns.”

Listen to the whole segment here:

Alisha on Huffpost Live 7-23-14

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