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SRLP Supports the #cancelpinkwashing Campaign

Why is SRLP supporting the #cancelpinkwashing campaign happening around Creating Change this year?

For 15 years, SRLP has been focused on building trans resistance rooted in racial and economic justice. That mission is particularly important because of the long history and contemporary reality of poor people, indigenous people, Black people, immigrants and people of color generally being marginalized in many LGBT spaces and groups. Often, white LGBT organizations and activists have made strategic choices to support or collaborate with government institutions like police, the military or ICE, or corporations, who are main sources of harm and violence to communities of color. SRLP’s commitment to racial and economic justice is the center of our work.

The Task Force and the Creating Change Conference have often been pushed to fulfill its mission and address marginalization by queer and trans people of color. SRLP supports the #cancelpinkwashing campaign because we don’t think that Palestinian, Arab and Muslim voices should be silenced at Creating Change, or that the Task Force should be aligning with Israel advocacy groups and against Palestinian solidarity work. We believe the liberation of our members is tied up with the liberation of all oppressed people, including people fighting against US military imperialism, colonialism and racism.

What is Pinkwashing? from Pinkwashing Exposed on Vimeo.

To learn more about Palestine solidarity, check out the hour-long Pinkwashing Exposed video, and shorts like “What is Pinkwashing?” and “What is Brand Israel?”
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