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Welcoming Sasha Alexander, SRLP Director of Membership, to carry forward a legacy of transformative justice and liberation.

In the week following the Trans Day of Remembrance, the National Week of Trans Awareness, and the National Day of Trans Action, I am honored to join the staff of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. And yet, my heart is heavy with the many folks we lost this year: Gizzy Fowler, Tiffany Edwards, Mia Henderson, and Mike Brown. These lives, the grand jury’s decision in Ferguson, and the daily transphobic, racial, and economic injustices are the things we must hold.

Following these events, and always, I remind us to stay connected to those in our community who are currently incarcerated or detained, facing isolation, harassment and discrimination. It is for all of us that I work towards a world that does not criminalize and imprison low income trans people and trans people of color, to vision outside of these current systems of policing. In the legacy of powerful trans folks I’m excited to bring my commitment to community organizing, leadership development, and transformative justice in my new role as Membership Director.

It is with all of you that I gladly take another leap forward, working always with liberation, in love and justice.

Sasha Alexander
Director of Membership

More about Sasha

Sasha Alexander is a trans-racially adopted, mixed race black/south asian, queer, trans, educator, facilitator, multi-media artist, healer, and community organizer. Sasha is the Founder of Black Trans Media, a project strengthening community and addressing the intersections of racism and transphobia by creating media for and by the black trans community. Over the last 15 years Sasha has built and collaborated with local and national youth empowerment, social justice, and media organizations working for gender, economic, and racial justice including the GSA Network, the Brown Boi Project, Global Action Project, and many more.

Sasha Alexander

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