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Author Archive | Kyle Rapiñan, Director of Survival and Self-Determination

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Update to SRLP’s Know Your Healthcare Rights Brochure

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project is pleased to announce that we have updated our “Your Healthcare Rights” brochure! Available in English and Spanish, the brochure includes all the relevant laws that can be used to hold providers accountable to delivering affirming healthcare services. Inside, read more about your rights while navigating health services as a […]

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New Resource to Learn About Your HRA Benefit Case!

The Human Resources Administration (HRA) has launched, ACCESS HRA, a new website that lets you learn more about benefits in New York City and apply for different assistance programs. Now you can check your case status online. To make things easier, there is also a new app you can download to learn more about your […]

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SRLP Attends Roundtable Discussion about Homeless LGBTQ Youth in NYC

Kyle Rapiñan, the Director of Survival and Self-Determination, and legal interns, Milo Inglehart and Heather McLinn, attended the recent HRA roundtable discussion and are pleased to report back on the progress that the Human Resources Administration (HRA) is making to address our community’s needs! The Human Resources Administration and Department of Homeless Services Improve Transfers […]

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Tell New York You Support Access to Healthcare!

Last December, a federal judge in Texas blocked protections under the Affordable Care Act from going into effect. The rule would have extended anti-discrimination protections, prohibiting private insurance plans and healthcare entities from discrimination against transgender people and their healthcare needs and abortion-related services. In response to the tireless activists and organizers demanding the protections […]

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SRLP Pushes to Reduce Hurdles to Obtaining Gender-Affirming Documents

On December 19th, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Bureau of Vital Statistics held a public meeting of the NYC Gender Marker Change Advisory Board, where SRLP testified that the Board should permit fee waivers, gender self-attestation, and non-binary designations on birth certificates issued by New York City. Joining SRLP in coalition were […]

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SRLP Relaunches Updated ID and Name Change Guides!

  The Sylvia Rivera Law Project stands in solidarity with everyone moving quickly to get a name change and update their state and federal identification documents before the pending presidential administration change. To aid in our community’s self-advocacy during these difficult times, SRLP has updated our NYC Name Change Guide and our ID Replacement Guide for […]

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If You Have HIV and Need Support, Good News!

     Due to the work of countless HIV/AIDS organizers, advocates, and activists, HASA (HIV/AIDS Services Administration) services eligibility expanded since September 1, 2016. Even if you have had no HIV-related illnesses, you may be eligible for housing assistance and other services through HASA. In the past, HIV-related illnesses were commonly required to receive assistance, leaving out […]

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City Council Requires All Single-Stall Bathrooms to be Gender Neutral

On June 22, 2016, the New York City Council passed a bill mandating that all single-occupant bathrooms in the city become gender neutral! Single-stall bathrooms in NYC should no longer say “men” or “women.” Everyone is required by the end of the year to remove all signs labeling single-occupant bathrooms for single-gendered use. New signage […]

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Mayor de Blasio Requires City Buildings to Give Bathroom Access to TGNCI Folks

Last Monday, I had the privilege of joining advocates and allies at the signing of an important executive order barring city facilities from harassing and intimidating transgender people and their use of city-owned restrooms and sex-segregated facilities. For trans, gender nonconforming and intersex (TGNCI) communities, there is often a fear for our safety and the […]

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